Sunday, May 04, 2008

Spring Events

Spring this week was in evidence, not just because we had a small crowd of people at the house on Saturday for the Kentucky Derby, but also because it was warm, warm, ever so warm. At least by our standards here in the frozen north. Quick, how long till frost? Grow, stuff, grow!

For the derby party we were able to invite guests out to the porch for the first time this season, and they were appreciative of the space and comfort there. Too bad the race was marred with poor Eight Belles and her demise.

We also put behind us the old house on Catherine Street, vacant since July when we moved into this big unit. We signed the papers on Wednesday, the buyer signed on Thursday, and we got our check that day. But we're happy to have it out of our hair.

Meanwhile, it's time for the city-wide cleanup, with free stuff at the curbside all over town. Much of it will reappear at garage sales and even in the flea market this summer. It's spring, it's finals week, and it's time to finish the semester!

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