Thursday, May 29, 2008

Standing Up for Hillary

The Second Street Diner was packed this morning with Hillary Clinton supporters who waited patiently for the campaign bus to arrive, but then enjoyed a kick-ass address that ended with a rousing call for effective leadership that has been sorely lacking.
Clinton addressed several things near and dear to South Dakotans, and she nailed every reference to the state, the city, and the issues that are central to the times. Check out the Madville Times for what promises to be a more in-depth discussion of the issues.
DSU's own Jona Schmidt sat next to Hillary as the candidate enjoyed a piece of the great apple pie at the restaurant. Jona's mom (Virginia?) was chosen to sit at the table having just converted to being a Democrat at 80 years old just so she could vote for Ms. Clinton.


Holli said...

Is that her secret service in the rain outside?

Personally, I'd vote for Josiah Bartlet any day.

Jona Schmidt said...

John,my mother's name is Virginia and she is indeed an 80 year old convert to the Democratic side! She changed her registration just to vote for Hillary in the primary, and is looking forward to voting again for Hillary in November. Hillary 08!

JN said...

If Josiah were on the ballot, I'd be going for him, too. Either him, Virginia, or Hillary, it looks like. I still haven't had a good look at Obama.