Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Haircut, a Fallen Tree, and a Visit from a Turtle

Yes, a tree fell in the back yard today, and the wife said goodbye to her long hair, revealing a woman underneath that many hadn't seen for quite some time. We also got in a brief party at a fellow DSU-er who is going away, then grabbed an episode of Lost online, the season finale (what the hell is going on with that now, anyway? Lots of questions to be answered). I did stakeout on the rabbits for a while, those pesky devils who have been devastating the flowers in the back yard. I altered some of their plans for the evening.
While I was at the backyard picnic table, I was visited by a traveling turtle, seen here. Perhaps he was warning me about being too harsh with the rabbits, or perhaps he was indicating that while there is a race being run, there are still two of them in it--one expected to win, the other plugging along with a sense of confidence that others don't fathom.


Holli said...

Did you see the alternate endings for LOST? Good Morning America showed them on Friday morning. They had filmed two other people in the coffin, to prevent any sort of leaking as to who was for sure the one.

Artichoke Heart said...

That's one fine-looking turtle!