Thursday, July 10, 2008

Live from New York, It's Thursday Morning

An early start got the three of us into J and D's Suburban, down to SF, on the plane, into MSP, on another plane, and down into LaGuardia, where we caught a taxi and found our apartment in the city, just off the lower west side of Central Park. This morning trucks seem to be on a demolition derby marathon out in the street this morning, but it's getting us going, and we're off to ride a ferry and see the great lady standing on her little island, her lamp held high beside the golden door. So far we've had a beginner's look at the park, fended off several hundred offers of carriage and taxi rides, and taken a walk around the neighborhood to discover our Morton Williams grocery store, our CVS Pharmacy, and a nice little bakery/deli that is calling out my name this morning. These are all within the block.


Holli said...

Be sure to go to Ellis Island after Liberty Island. But I'm sure that's already on your agenda and by the time you read this, it will be too late.

JN said...

We did both. If you have any other tips, Holli, I hope you'll send them! We're having some posting difficulties, but we'll keep trying.