Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More "Politics" in Madison, Stephanie Style

Bigwigs in town today announced a new blanket of wireless technology today, Sioux Valley's WiMAX, which promises an umbrella of wireless internet access independent of home modems or wireless routers or cards. Their map shows almost an eight-mile radius from their equipment atop the high-rise building in Madison.
Computer dudes in attendance noted the innovative technology but pointed out privately that devices to make it work on a mobile laptop weren't yet readily available.
Our sole representative, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, was the featured speaker. I almost ran her down when I arrived and they were again crossing the street in front of me as I left. I didn't talk to her, or I would have had to carry out the wife's request to speak firmly with her about her position on the democratic candidates in the presidential primary, and I had my own little ethanol bone to pick with her. Next time.
Pictures here show the folks lined up for food, various speakers, and the devices on display. Sioux Valley had many stuffed "Max" animals they were giving away.

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Rev. Jonathan C. Watt said...

Interested in your ethanol bone to pick ...

Could we possibly have the same view from opposite sides of the fence?
Pastor Watt.