Thursday, July 31, 2008

Top Ten(?) Things I Have NOT Blogged About #3

Seeing Tom Petty (and Steve Winwood). The focus of the Kansas City trip, where CB never inhaled but seemed to find plenty of breath to scream her support of this aging rock legend (the wife says age-LESS). What a venue! The new Sprint Center is a giant of a place, and our seats, way at the top, gave us a great view, though pretty far away. It was high enough that some were a little anxious about the long escalator ride, but half of us recovered enough to choose wisely from the merchandise. Steve Winwood got the place rocking with some of his songs released as a solo act and others from his days in Traffic, The Spencer Davis Group, Blind Faith, and Go, including "Higher Love," "Gimme Some Lovin'," "While You See a Chance," and "Can't Find My Way Home." Yeah! Then 20 minutes to Mr. Petty, who churned through a long list of his hits (check his set list here). We rocked! Everyone rocked! Being up closer would have been great, but seeing the wife get giddy and jumpy like a school girl when "American Girl" got rolling was worth the price of my ticket. (It's NOT my picture--no cameras allowed).

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Christina said...

What a trip! Does it get any better than friends, Tom Petty, and BBQ? I don't think so. I figure I have one child with an innate fondness for Led Zeppelin, so I am simply helping the new one develop her love of TP and the HB's. ;) Thank goodness it wasn't a Michael Bolton concert.