Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hats Off to White Rock

Some folks go for the long run, but some are just downright speed demons!  Those kids at White Rock Coffee must enjoy the caffeinated beverages they sell, because they don't mess around when they get an order.  Monday I clicked for coffee, and Wednesday there was a box from them rubber-banded to my mailbox.  

Inside, two good pound coffee bags and a hand-written note from a real person.  It all makes me want to indulge the notion that all down the line, folks are thinking of me and my yearning for an excellent cuppa joe, the folks at WRC quick-like roasting me some beans, bagging them up, hustling it to the postman, urging him on.  The postman sees my name on the box and realizes my need as well, hustles down the highway hoping nothing--not snow or ice or dint of freezing rain--delays him from bringing my beans, finally arriving at my street where he realizes the box won't fit in the mail box, and, on the verge of panic, he finds a rubber band on the floor of his rig and sighs in relief as he binds the coffee to the front of my box, face out, imagining my joy and relief as I come home after a long day and discover how well everyone's been looking out for me and my need for good coffee.  Thanks, guys!  It was a good pot this morning!  


P. Block said...

See, now I am going to have to order some beans and see if I receive the same treatment. I am always down with a good cupa joe.

JN said...

It's good stuff, and they're fast, but I must say there's magic in some people's fingers, those who can whip up a cup of coffee like I had down in Ames, rich and strong and complex and no bitterness. It reminded me of Jeffrey's Bistro in Laramie, Wyoming, where we young grad students used to gather and stay up late solving the world's problems, more emphatic with caffeine as the night drew on.