Monday, November 10, 2008

A Legend Since Sometime this Morning

Okay, so the latest news is that an order from White Rock Coffee in St. Paul is on its way here, free shipping from the roaster to the drinker, at least in SD.  WRC comes on the recommendation of Dr. D, coffee sipper and enjoyer deluxe.  

It's at least a small celebration of the election, a little something to help yours truly through the first bite of winter, and an appeasement of the taste buds (I hope) after a super fine cup of coffee down in Ames, Iowa, at the Stomping Grounds near the university.  The trip was fine, though rain marred the drive down, cold marred the time there, and slippery spots marred the drive back.  So what made up for it all?  A good conference, good dining (and coffee!), and excellent company.  


April said...

The coffee I brought you guys when we were there in July was White Rock Coffee (and it's also the kind I've had for a long time now!). It's delicious.

JN said...

Well cool! I had lost track of that. It was excellent coffee--the organic kind, I think, right?

April said...

The coop where I get my WRC only has Peace Coffee bags, so that might have thrown you off a bit. I'm not sure if it is organic, but maybe so if they sell it at the coop.