Monday, December 29, 2008

Another Merry Christmas--Automotive Style

Son Casey has spent his life without the benefit of an automobile of his own, except for a brief unfortunate stint with a red Oldsmobile that crapped out 60 miles down the road. He got his wish though this weekend as he took the wheel of a 1989 Toyota Corolla. It's no tire-squealer, no bone-shaker, and he won't be tempted to taunt that Carerra driver at the stop light. But it will get him from home to work to school, maybe not in style, but under his own power.

We looked at some other vehicles that were tempting, a 1991 Ford Probe and a 1988 Honda Civic (a real beater). There were others on the list, including a 1991 VW Golf GT that slipped out of our grasp, sold on our way there. But those will be forgotten as Son2 eases into ownership of the little Corolla and plots to find something down the road to better suit his style.


Dan said...

Drove an '88 Corolla for twenty years. Great car. Still miss it. (Traded it for an '04).

JN said...

Let's hope Casey doesn't have to drive this one as long! Good to know they last.