Friday, December 05, 2008

My Other Life. Life #2. This One's Still Primary

DSU's intrepid librarians led us on a virtual tour of a virtual world today, exploring together in Second Life, the online "world" that offers a number of possibilities for educators looking to link with students who can't all physically be together. It was interesting and informative. Here I am watching a slide show as some virtual females show us some presentation tools. I'm the guy with my Second Life-issued black clothing. I might have to buy hair. Then again, it might be a way to get used to having none. Some were able to use audio chat, but I had trouble with the basics, like sitting down. I was better at flying.


April said...

Did you ever see that episode of The Office where Dwight has a Second Life character and then Jim creates one too to follow him around?

JN said...

Yeah, I remember that. Jim was flying around following him. Didn't they look a lot like their real characters?

Jim was a little more buff?

April said...

Yep, and he had a guitar!