Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tiling Done, Fire Blazing

We got the stove back in tonight after finally laying the tile.  There's still work to be done on the stove situation, but the stove is in and no damage to the new tile.  

Thanks to Justin and Pat for helping move the stove out.  Thanks to Justin for helping move it back again this evening.  Thanks especially go to Donna (who helped pick out tile and grout colors), Joe, and Megan for coming and helping lay tile.  And of course, many thanks forever to the wife, who laid into the grout last night and had a vision of what it all could be.  

Clearly, Walter is thankful too.  

Soon the carpet will be tacked down, trim and mantel put up, and (hopefully) tin will be laid behind the stove.  

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deana said...

The husband is humble, one of the many traits I love about him. Thanks to him for tearing down the stove, moving the stove, leveling the floor, putting up the Durock, helping lay tile, helping grout tile, disposing of all the unpleasant grout/water buckets, moving the stove back, cleaning up, putting the stove back together, bringing in wood, firing the stove up, and STILL finding the time to take Walter outside and clean up the kitchen so the wife could make up school work time lost to the Lost premiere tonight.