Saturday, January 10, 2009

Working on Liberty

The wife, the mother-in-law, and I spent the day humping our buns cleaning the house on Liberty street yesterday to make room for the new renters. Out with the old. They left the place a pit, and our cleaning didn't undo everything they made a mess of, but it's a huge improvement. The wife says it it's cleaner now than when I lived there. Ouch!
Thanks especially to Karen, who comes and works so hard so long for not much more than lunch at El Vaquero and our deep appreciation. She's a woman who knows how to clean!
We have yet to clear all the cleaning supplies, but it's just about ready for our new renters to move in.
One of the sad things is how one of the two renters walked away from everything, disappeared. I doubt he's joined a monastery.


Anonymous said...

I hear librarians are good renters

JN said...

They can be. I'd file them under "tentatively yes."