Friday, February 27, 2009

More Mail, All the Way from Shanghai

Just as promised, today from Shanghai my textbook arrived. Mine's the only legible name on the cover to most of us on this side of the Pacific, but it's good to see the book, College Business English Integrated Course, published by Qinghua University Press in Beijing, China. It's the first volume of a four-volume set. We're currently working on Volume 3.

My friends Cuiping Yang and Ming-Fang Lin were the driving forces behind the project, two good people that were excellent hosts when I was there in 2001. Other editors included Yal-Li Zhou and Xin-Guo Ye.

It's not what I anticipated might be the first book with my name on it, but here it is. Complete with a student text and a teacher's version. ISBN: 97B-7-302-18720-2 or 97B-7-302-18719-6.

Happy Day!

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