Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Read Blog--> Purchase-->Try-->Get Flowers

My colleague JL appreciated my showing him the "Cool New Scraper Tool" that I wrote about last month, and he managed to score one at Ace Hardware last week to try on a home project over the weekend.
He reports that the dandy scraper worked fine on the ridges under the tile he was removing, but the smoother cement underneath wouldn't budge. Thus doomed to buying a new tool, he brought home a grinder and a masonry disk, which promptly turned much of the concrete to dust. Dust drifted through the house despite the efforts at containing it to the room with plastic. Much later, the cement ground down, he's about ready to lay new, lovelier tile.
Meanwhile, the lovely lady who suggested the project noted that it had turned into something more than what she'd expected. These flowers reflect her revised notion of what the project entailed. So JL gets a new tool AND flowers. Cool!


Christina said...

Ha! That's quite a story. I can totally relate too! Home improvement projects are no fun, and I can think of several occasions in which I probably should have sent the hubby flowers. ;)
Glad someone could give the tool a try. Sounds like it does at least work for some applications.

JN said...

You could give him flowers, or just be patient and wait for spring!

I'm still game for getting a scraper for our tool collection. JL says it would probably work for taking the crud off the wood floors under the carpet.

deana said...

I'm all for getting a new scraper tool if it means having wood floors show in the dining room. Is that what you'd like for Valentine's Day?

JN said...

You want me on my knees on Valentine's Day?