Saturday, February 21, 2009

Winterfest Car Show

Some people spend a lot of time and energy on websites, playing games, or reading books. Other people build cool cars. EJ and I traveled to Sioux Falls today to look at some cars and motorcycles and drop off some posters for our own car show in Madison this summer. I had to take several pictures for the daughter's man of the 1948 orange and black hearse outfitted to load the motorcycle. Check out it and the other cool cars and bikes in the slide show below. Click on it to see the larger photos. (Sorry, no photos of Miss Sturgis, who was signing posters at the event.)

One trend I noticed was the use of painted trim that replaced chrome strips and emblems. I took a few closeups to illustrate. Check out the meats on that Corvette--they must have been more than two feet wide! Someone was making cool choppers using old Honda 90 engines for power. A few vintage cars were evident.

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