Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Update

The long weekend (with Friday and Monday both off) lent itself to all kinds of activities.  Easter services for one, a visit from brother Jess and son Sid on their way to Bemidji, a quick trip to Sioux Falls on Monday, attending the film "I Love You, Man," doing my taxes, celebrating Anna's 3rd birthday, grading some papers, and having a great Easter dinner with the in-laws.  

And more!  What am I forgetting?  


deana said...

Listening to your lovely wife cuss as she cleaned up not one, not two, not three, but four piles of dog vomit over the long weekend. Maybe that's best left forgotten.

Some more pleasant activities. . .

A nice walk to and from the B's on Monday evening. You and Lodin shooting birds and frogs with a cool PVC-and-bark gun. The sweet, fruity smell of purple snowdrops. A satisfying long run on Sunday morning.

JN said...

No birds or frogs were harmed by our imaginary fusillades. It was enough that they sang for us.

I enjoyed looking over the burned out-basement of the old house. Strange but true.