Monday, April 06, 2009

Notes from the Malt Shop in the Sky

We weathered the storm on Saturday night for the performance, with 120 people or so braving the blizzard to come out and see our final Grease! performance. In all we had good crowds, with packed houses the first two nights. After Saturday's performance, it was pictures and tearing down the set, so the night was long, and time came to hang up the suit, put away the silver shoes, and stop walking around the house singing "Beauty School Drop-Out" under my breath.

Great performances, and a welcome change of pace in terms of interacting with students.

Here's me and Todd after Friday night's performance, yukking it up.


deana said...

Enlarge the image and Todd looks downright devilish next to your angel. Something about the red laser beam eyes. You two make quite the pair:)

JN said...

One on one shoulder, the other on another.

J. Blessinger said...

Harry Caray was at the play? Amazing! Did Todd have him sign anything? Tod's chest maybe?

JN said...

Harry could be my next gig. Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Either that, or Orville Redenbacher--every kernel pops!