Tuesday, February 02, 2010

LOST's Final Season

The wife and I have enjoyed ABC's strange series LOST, and tonight they begin what they're saying is their final season, but who knows--maybe the network will get swept into the kind of time warp that makes the characters' noses bleed and fall down. Noting what their cash cow has done for them, we may soon find the ABC network execs all shouting, like Jack does, "We've got to go BACK!"

Then again, judging from the photo show here, maybe they're already aware they're taking themselves just a BIT too seriously. Or maybe they're not aware. Just in case you're not, here's the real deal.


Holli said...

The co-executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof (also a co-creator) have said that this will be the last writing they do for LOST. If anything after this comes out (since Time Warner owns the rights to LOST) it will not be with their wishes. Therefore, I'm guessing it would not come with the same quality and awesomeness as we all know LOST to be. In fact, we probably wouldn't watch it unless Damon and Carlton had a hand in it

They've had a couple years to get the stray plotlines gathered and are ending it on mostly their terms, and that makes me happy at least.

JN said...

Well, ABC is touting it to full effect as the "FINAL SEASON" so it looks like they might let it go. It does kind of make you want to play with the idea of some spin--offs:

Who Wants to Marry Hurley the Millionaire?

Jack and Kate Plus Eight

Cold Case: What Keeps Killing John Locke?

Antiques Road Show--The Island


Holli said...

bah hahaha!