Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Something Else on Frontline: Digital Nation

One of my colleagues (not, apparently, a LOST fan) sent out a note today recommending a new series by PBS and Frontline. It's a series that investigates what "life on the virtual frontier" means today. The first episode seems to be titled "Distracted by Everything." The script below may not work, so here's the URL.


caheidelberger said...

Pretty good program, with some significant implications for what DSU teaches and researches. Worth watching!

JN said...

I'll be interested to see the whole thing. It's what we've been talking about since even before the move to tablets.

For a guy that's been teaching since 1982, and using computers since 1979 (barely), it's been a strange ride the last few years, especially since first getting on the net in 1993, I think it was.

Things will continue to change, that's one thing certain.