Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Place We Didn't Go

One place I forgot to mention in my earlier post is crossing the Bay Bridge, where, according to our Garmin GPS system, we left the bridge and floated in our car above the Bay. Very cool, yes, but to the wife, whose concern about crossing bridges over water sometimes gets a firm grip on her solar plexus, the image on the screen simply contributed to her unease. My comments about the new-looking elements of the bridge didn't help either, I understand now.
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deana said...

The Bay Bridge is over four freakin' miles long! And the San Meteo 7!! That's insane, and way too long of a distance to hold one's breath! And yes, surmising that the new-looking parts of the bridge were likely due to earthquake repairs was not helpful!!

Christina said...

Terrifying and hilarious! I love that you were able to get a pic of the screen. Poor Deana...was she able to stand it long enough to catch a glimpse of the beautiful bay? I feel her pain. I hate bridges too!

JN said...

Deana had a good view of the bay right there on the screen! Blue, calm . . . I think she got a good look too at the ACTUAL bay. I don't understand that fear. It's like the bridge must be waiting for you to cross it just so it can fall in. Sheesh.