Monday, March 01, 2010

Weekend Update, H7 Style

The weekend is over, but it was one filled with activities, including a mini-triathlon, an estrogen-packed Bunco party, and a pleasant trip to Sioux Falls. I was pleased enough with the results of the triathlon, but I couldn't help noticing that I was only slightly behind my fellow 5-decade competitors. That 41 seconds was, I suspect, partly due to my bulging waistline and partly due to having tested the spin bike and the treadmill at speed on Wednesday before the event. I was still sore! Now I'm sore again, but mostly from the swim. Progress continues to be made.

Sunday didn't help the bulging waistline problem, but lunch at Spezia's and dinner at Granite City leaves one complaining only about the abundance of good food. Not much to complain about there from me.

Friday night was the strangest of the events, as I played 12-th man for a women's Bunco group at our house. Simple, rowdy, and competitive in a random way, it was fun in a way that I'm happy to have done once. I prefer the competition of the triathlon, to tell the truth.

A good weekend.

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