Sunday, June 01, 2008

Clinton in Madison

The wife and I attended former President Bill Clinton's address in Madison at Library Park yesterday as he stumped for his wife Hillary in the Democratic primary election on Tuesday. There was a nice little turnout, probably 400 people or so, and Clinton, a polished and moving speaker, kept their attention as he covered the benefits of having Hillary as president.
The wife, a dedicated fan of Bill and Hillary both, was excited to have her shirt and book signed.

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Holli said...

Woah, orange tie. Interesting choice...I wonder what the political tie color analysts would say that means.

JN said...

No telling. Maybe he's sympathetic to the Protestant Irish?

deana said...

Or maybe he knows that I'm a Howard tiger at heart. A nod to his biggest fan in that crowd? That's what I like to think;)