Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Candidate for the Masses

Hillary did a great job throwing her support behind Obama and calling for her troops to swing their attention to him. But there may be surging support for yet another candidate . . .

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Missing a Bicycle? Try Toronto

The New York Times reports on a fellow in Toronto that managed to gather up 2,865 bicycles by stealing or having the bikes stolen. Yipes. Blue-eyed Igor Kenk had an eye for bikes, apparently, but now he's facing some trouble, having been found out by the police, and perhaps, 2,865+ bicyclists frustrated by missing bicycles. Yes, my wife complains that I've got four bikes in the stable, but nobody's out to get me.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sweet Olympic Award Ceremony

The Olympic spirit, derived from the international back-slapping in the various events, can inspire even those of us doomed to suffer through tape delays and commercials as NBC offers up events in piecemeal fashion. That is, given an opportunity. Students from Tamagawa University in Japan are currently studying English at Dakota State University, and they put on a little "Japan Night" for their teachers and hosts. Yours truly got a chance to show his chopstick talents, but my heat included a nimble-fingered blond gal that went on to win the championship. Still, I got a package of what the Japanese call candy. Check it out. Some of the hard candies tasted a lot like cinnamon treats, but these guys are notorious for offering up what looks like sugary treats, only to disappoint with something that tastes like candy without the sweet. Bite into one and it's like losing your grip on a spin from the high bar. But one of these was actually a piece of chocolate. Real chocolate. But things aren't always what they seem. The item in the lower center, for example, seems to be a kind of fish jerky, like a pork rind with fish flavor, rolled flat. And, although the dessert at the event was ice cream, the Japanese have their own ideas about how to top it: How's about some green tea powder? No? Some sweet bean paste? Okay, then . . . well . . . Soy powder? No? Black honey? Okay! Now you're talking.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympic Zombie

It's a good thing the Olympics only happens every four years. Otherwise, I'd never get anything done but wearing down a Birds Nest-sized spot on the couch in front of Olympic coverage, looking at online videos of Olympic events, and checking final standings on the news. Just finished is the qualifying for the 1500 meter final, where I once dreamed of being myself when I was a hopeful 18-year-old miler. Too bad for American hopes in that 1500, as both Americans failed to make the final, including Bernard Lagat, who was arguably the favorite.

It's my favorite of the two weeks, once the track and field events get started. Who doesn't love to see a guy like Usain Bolt charge away from the field and make setting a world record look so easy?

Then again, we have to say goodbye to the swimmers and the gymnasts.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Running and Reading

Will Smith talks about two of my favorite activities in this inspirational video:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Now Just a Purple Sparkle in My Eye

Dune buggies come, and dune buggies go go go. It was time for this one to bring delight to some other car-lover. That car guy came along today and drove away the Barbie Car, with plans (gasp!) to paint it Arctic Cat green. Let's hope he comes to his senses. The proud owner also gathered up the miscellaneous parts accumulated over the years, and later he came back from Sioux Falls to get the donor car for the motor, a 1975 Super Beetle.

My favorite moments?
  • Having the buggy entirely airborne up on the farm.
  • Dragging it home with son David, who sat at the wheel and proclaimed, "I LOVE THIS CAR!" It didn't even run yet.
  • Doing emergency-brake spins with various unsuspecting passengers.
  • Firing it up for the first time, even though, when I hit the end of the towrope, I slammed into the driver's door of the pickup. Oops!
  • Cruising down the streets of Ramona for the Independence Day parade, doling out Freezie Pops to little kids.
  • Teaching son Casey to drive on the country roads.
  • Cruising for asparagus.
  • Hearing my little niece Emily dub it the Barbie Car.
It was a cool car, one that people remembered seeing. It made all the little kids smile.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Good Night, Dune Buggy. Good Night, Boat.

Sparkly purple car seeks new home. Boat seeks other waters. I've had these two items for some time, but it's time to move on. Interested? Let me know. Both operate well, do what they're intended to do. Craigslist South Dakota is helping out with advertising.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

And to Think I Saw It on Old Highway 34

Coming back from my long run this morning (about one hour, forty-five minutes), I stopped at the mulberry tree across the way and picked a handful of ripe mulberries that made my healthy cereal breakfast a little more tasty.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Good to Be Home Again

This summer has seen its share of travel, when the wife and I thought that perhaps it would be a time of primarily staying home. So much for that. Now that August is well under way, we're looking at the start of school again, but we can look back to some good times, fun traveling, and quiet summer moments enjoying friends and family. There's more to come this month.

I got back the day before yesterday after a long ride home from Sandpoint, Idaho, a ride of over 1200 miles. That, on top of the ride out there with my brother Jess, through Wyoming and Montana, through Glacier Park, into Idaho and back. Photos are online here.

The biggest surprise for me? The beauty of Sandpoint, on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille, a town I thought was going to be a dusty, windy, backwoods western village that would explain why some of my ancestors left there years ago. To the contrary, it was a hip, attractive, tidy town full of tourists and upscale shops, some happening night-spots, where the highlight was a little brewery featuring Truck Mills, who we heard playing as we walked by. When we went in, we saw it was a saz he was playing, and things got better as more musicians came to join him as he moved to a guitar, including a bassist, another guitar player, a harmonica player, and finally a trumpeter! It was a real treat.

We also saw some wildlife on the ride--lots of deer, but also elk, a grizzly bear in Glacier, and a moose. Finally, only a few miles from home, I saw a mountain lion crossing the road two miles west of Fedora. We also saw lots of people heading for Sturgis, which I passed through on my way out and again on my way back. Although tempted by the Bikini Bike Wash, I figured more bugs were to come anyway and kept on truckin'. Lots of folks there.

Good times.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More Posts Coming Soon!

Brother Jess and I are having lunch at the HomePage Cafe in Bozeman, MT, and we're headed home, so, dear reader, you can expect to hear from me again some time soon. Glacier Park, Sandpoint, Idaho, and places and events along the way. Stay tuned!