Thursday, June 28, 2012

Not Done Yet

It's not politics, nor cultural events, nor the weather or appearances of friends and family that lies behind the postings on this blog, kept in play since I began in 2005.  I'm not typically prompted to write as a result of seeing a movie (tonight:  "Kick-Ass," a nice surprise), or people having come here or on their way (DW and son just gone and daughter and family just arriving), or wonderful car trips across the country (hello Boston, meet my BMW).  I don't jump up to make entries at the turn of the weather or an event in the sky.  Or at landmark events like the Supreme Court's ruling on a national health care plan (yay!).

I'm most typically moved by some recognition of a truth or some odd observation, some surprise, some lucky lucky thing that happens across my path, big or small.  Or big and small at the same time, like having someone offer me a big stuffed marlin with its tail in need of repair.  How lucky is that?  Not that I want it, but the idea that I could GIVE it to someone.  Here's that marlin I promised you!  Here's your marlin!  Where shall I put it?