Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dumped On

Last night the thunderstorms rattled the windows with their big booms, lighting up the night and dumping rain in a driving wind. Our porch took a big wet lick, but when I checked the rain gauge, I wondered whether I'd filled it up half-way before I went to bed. But nope. It's reading--4.5 inches overnight. I think three separate storms rolled through, each pouring more rain onto our yard that had been getting blown dry for several days as the hot winds blew.

Little W doesn't like storms, and these had him in a near panic state--not a pleasant situation the night before classes all begin.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Signs of the End of the Empire

What do you see when you spot a little red wagon like the one in the photo, a Radio Flyer that has stood up over the years and pulled many a kid through many a yard?

What, you see a burden, a load too hard to pull? A barge too heavy to tote? Bring on the Razor, the electric wagon (junior) like the one I spotted outside Lewis Drug today. Why is it better?

Here's your answer:

Add a boost to your kids' traditional wagon ride with the Razor Jr. electric wagon. Perfect for walks in the neighborhood with your kids in tow the wagon is equipped with dual 30-watt motors that cruise at up to 3 miles per hour--an ideal cruising speed while on a stroll. The long-lasting batteries meanwhile keep the wagon running for up to 90 minutes at a stretch. And thanks to the pair of built-in seats and the blow-molded plastic wheels the wagon is comfortable and smooth throughout.
In other words, you don't really have to PULL the wagon. Keep the batteries charged up and it will follow you. Just don't get crazy and try to walk four miles per hour. Somebody save us.

In a related story, the NY Times reports that new military recruits are bigger lard buckets than ever.

The Weight of a Good Party

We hosted a party this weekend for members of the College of Arts and Sciences at DSU, and it's a happy thing to have it be so successful that our lawn furniture just couldn't bear the load.

Folks from the old College of Liberal Arts and the College of Sciences, now combined into the one, have managed to come together. Since there's no college of engineering, or any of the "applied" arts, I'm going to have to remedy the old picnic table myself. No sweat. Unbolt the two-by-four, cut a new one to match, and bolt it back on. We'll be ready for next time!

Walter and the Bluebird of Happiness

Walter loves the little toys that crackle inside and have a tough canvas outer. The toys mostly appear to be designed as road kill, so that makes me like them, too. Here, W guards his bird.

Walter also has a frog from the same FatCat toy manufacturer. They come with my highest recommendation!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Prairie Village Horse Caravan 2010

Cleaning in the yard yesterday I heard the clatter of horse hooves out on the street and ran to get my camera, as this year's edition of the Prairie Village caravan of buggies, wagons, and riders came by. It was a warm afternoon, but these folks were clearly having a good time, headed for Prairie Village Days this weekend, out west of Madison. It's been a warm and windy few days, so I hope they have a great time out there. Snowcone, anyone?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Got Your Pencils Ready?

School's about to begin. Have you prepared your writing instruments?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Digital Cookery in Our Old House

It was time for an update in the kitchen, and Lakebrook appliance store downtown Madison had the answer, a new LG stove that offers an easier, more efficient, and more variable cooking experience. The guys from Lakebrook came and set it up and took the old stove, and the wife got right to some salsa canning this afternoon. Goodbye, old stove.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Pasta Queen and Her Noodle Prince

That's me, the noodler, with the shiny chromium Pasta Queen, which recently rendered the live Queen's dough into noodles. They may look wimpy here, but wait until they stiffen up!

Monday, August 09, 2010

At the End of a Long Day, Tomato Heaven Awaits

Yes, it's been a while since your two lucky stars have shone upon you, but then something comes along that cannot be denied. The B, the L, and the elusive T. When they come together, it's a little mouth festival. Where shall we set up the tent? How about, over here by the beer? What's that? Chips as well? And homemade bread? I must be living right.