Thursday, October 15, 2015

One More Marathon

Let's just say the resting up from a marathon has continued beyond what was necessary.  I've been essentially lackadaisical in my return to running.  Two days after the marathon in the Twin Cities (3:59:02, thank you very much), I got out and did a few miles with the pooch, but since then . . . nada much.

But I'll come around again, and maybe once again I'll toe the line as in this photo from the Star Tribune.  Dillon Dwyer and I are visible just above the start banner to the left, him in a black shirt, to my right (your left) and me in a green shirt with a white hat.  Both of us appear to be looking down.  Anyway, that's us.

It was a beautiful day for a run there, and I enjoyed the heck out of the entire event.  I ran smooth and easy enough, with little niggling things that didn't amount to much in the way of sore legs, tender feet, and all.  Carrying some extra pounds was no help.  But that's the way she goes, right?

We'll see about next year.