Sunday, June 04, 2006

Downhill Most of the Way

Waking up at 3:00am this morning I realized my race packet for the DMT half marathon still sat at the registration site--boo hoo. I checked online and saw that no race day pickup was available, so I resolved to get up a little early, make a number 188 and pin it to my shirt, and run anyway. All was well; nobody kicked me off the course and they even handed me a medal at the end, 2:02 after starting. Not bad for a guy whose longest run was five miles. It was at about that point today that I started to feel good and reel off 8(+) minute miles, chugga chugga, steamrolling downhill. It was good to be done! In the parking lot afterwards there were some well wishers I didn't expect to see, the wife's parents, who the day before had hiked the Volksmarch at Crazy Horse Monument and stood on the arm of the warrior.
TQ and LS and her ontourage from Aberdeen were proud finishers, and his parents were there to cheer him on. Now for recovery.


P. Block said...

2:02--Shoot, it takes me that long to run a quarter marathon!

Congrats on the nice pace.

JN said...

I suspect you discount your abilities. You get those other runners there, and voila--adrenalin, the competitive spirit! I had to suffer while a kid who looked about ten came steaming by me at about 11 miles and disappeared ahead of me. But, I'll take my run, and the congrats. Thanks!