Monday, June 19, 2006

Magna Comes Home

Saturday I got home with the new Magna and recruited JB to come and help me unload it. Here's how it arrived. Yesterday after some problems getting it started I learned about the kickstand kill-switch and then was able to take it for a spin, which included a close encounter with a duck and an actual encounter with a small bird, which made me appreciate the windshield.
Otherwise, the day was a good one, with a backyard grilling, good ribs, company, and then a later ride with the wife.
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P. Block said...

Now you just need some leather and tattoos...Always a good look ;) Although, maybe too reminiscent of the Village People...

Enjoy the bike and the nice weather.


Pastor Jonathan C. Watt said...

Leathers are always good! Hey, jeolousy is a sin... but I am anyway!
Always wanted to ride!
Pastor Watt.