Thursday, June 22, 2006

Reservations for Out on the Horizon

On October First, the year of our blog 2006, I've got a date with 7499 others, all of us planning to meet at the Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis and hightail it over hill, over dale, to the capitol in St. Paul. We're calling it the Twin Cities Marathon and figure, what the heck, we'll run 26.2 miles. It will be my 12th time running it, I think, and the first after last year's meltdown when my poor left foot gave out after running my last long run, two weeks before the race. Bummer. This year is for redemption. Note, if you come and watch (joining about 200,000 others, by the way, you won't see me running with a lean bunch like these young gazelles. I'll be somewhere back in the pack, bemoaning my decision to keep living a leisurely life and prepare for the long jaunt in my usual lacksadasical fashion. I do have hotel reservations now, though! Now back to my training!


P. Block said...

Certainly a braver soul than I...

Now, if you wish, I will rent my middle child to you as a training partner. The child does well at riding a bike at a pace just a touch faster than is comfortable to follow...I guess that is how I broke the 9 minute mile barrier for 4 miles, clocking in at 35:17 today.

I have until July 7th to get my registration in for the Sioux Falls half. If I'm in, you still interested?

JN said...

I'm game. It's a good training run for the full marathon.