Thursday, June 08, 2006

List of Activities

What's a trip without some cool activities along the way? My trip to Ft. Pierre and the Black Hills included the following:
  • Going to the Ft. Pierre Museum
  • Swimming in Hot Springs' Coldbrook Resevoir
  • Golfing at Hot Springs renovated golf course
  • Garage sale hopping with my nephew in Whitewood
  • Dining with my mom at the Chateau
  • Dining with a group at Roma's in Spearfish
  • Riding with my brother on a pair of Ducati motorcycles
  • Running the Deadwood half-marathon
  • Having breakfast with the in-laws after the race
  • Visiting my sister's new house
  • Napping in her house Sunday afternoon
  • Listening to Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace on tape
  • Playing the X-Men game with my nephew and my sister
  • Watching my niece play softball
  • Coming home
Taken together, an excellent trip.

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