Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Why the Air is Fresh

On the way back from the Twin Cities on Saturday, I stopped at an auction for a bunch of old cars and old car parts, just for the pictures, and it was easy to read in the items arrayed for sale what the old man was interested in--saving the old machines from destruction. But an old man can't keep the ravages of time from so many cars and parts at once, and in the end it may be as important that he's kept them so that others can come along and take up the cause. The old Studebakers and DeSotos are probably in jeopardy, but a complete old Chevy pickup, 30's model, will surely hit the road again. So it goes. Antiques are the old things that someone still wants; some people probably wandered among this guy's treasures and saw only junk. I saw the interior of this car and and knew then why the air in Gaylord was clean and clear. Check the Flickr site for more photos.


April said...

You really have an eye for taking some neat photos, Dad. I always look forward to your blogs!

JN said...

Thanks! I always look forward to your comments!