Thursday, March 08, 2007

Busy Day/Lazy Day--Maui Style

Yesterday and today are a picture of contrasting ways to approach a vacation. Yesterday was a day of driving, hiking, and taking pictures, and today involved going to the beach (which wasn't just hopping out of the car, by the way). Yesterday we got up early and drove the Hana Highway down past Hana, around the east side of the island into some lightly traveled sections where two cars have to slide over and creep past one another, each one with a wheel on the road and a wheel in the ditch. We saw lava tubes, waterfalls, a black sand beach, rough coastline and sweeping beaches, whales jumping, beautiful plants and flowers, dozens of Mustang convertibles just like ours, some hippie eco-friendly merchants, Elvis's biggest fan, the best banana bread ever, a million twists and turns, and a roadblock on a bridge that spoiled our plans to circumnavigate the island and come up the west side. Hence, we had to turn around and see it all again. We stopped in Pa'ai and enjoyed some seafood, and managed to get back before "Lost."
Today we went for a jog, walked to Ka'anapali Beach and relaxed in the sun. The walk there and back again was punctuated by many a jumping whale. Then it was a homemade lunch and a nap (for me) and now we're getting ready for an evening in Lahaina, our last night in Hawaii. Aloha!

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