Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dangerous Poetry

Who says poetry doesn't matter? A recent article in The Gainesville Sun describes how a teacher got suspended for teaching a poem with a bad word (or words) in it, and then drawing students' attention to the word by writing it on the board! Oh my. A parent objected. The teacher is now suspended, with pay. Let's hope that substitute teacher avoids dangerous poetry and sticks with grammar lessons and uses the board for diagramming sentences. Pull out those dusty copies of Silas Marner! Turn to page one. You, in the first row, read: "In the days when the spinning-wheels hummed busily in the farmhouses . . ."
The teacher might now have more time for editing great poems to make them more palatable to the overly sensitive. On the other hand, if Melody Irizzary, the teacher suspended, has a motorcycle, she's got more time to ride it. The weather in Florida should be good for riding . . . Let's hope some parent doesn't object.


P. Block said...

Words elude me. All I can say is...well, nothing because I want to ensure that I don't offend with a 'naughty' word or two.

Hope your vacation was good. I was worried till you posted again, afraid you might have been on an ill fated helicopter flight.


JN said...

No helicopter rides, nor blind trust of the crosswalk, nor succumbing to undertow, nor shark-tempting. Only the too too generous offering our flesh to the sun-god of Maui.

Hope you had a good break, too!

JN said...

Update: This teacher's now back on the job, having received a letter of reprimand for a poorly planned lesson. She says she won't deviate from the lessons adopted by the school board. So, she's back in step, and the school board is back in charge. Read about it here: