Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Connie to the Rescue

Coming back from a week in Maui is such a drag. How can you compete with sun and sand, whales cavorting in the deep blue sea, a Mustang convertible ready to drop its top for you at the flick of a switch? You could drink, take drugs, chase wild women, or realize it was just a vacation and you should get back to real life. Or, you could try trading in your trusty Honda Magna (see previous posts) for a beautiful Kawasaki Concours, 1997 style. What?!!, you say, you only got the Magna in June last year, for goodness sakes! Ah, but look at the road-worthiness! No more "out of gas" scares every 80 miles. No more burning blue jeans!
The Honda cranked up fine after winter in the barn, ran like a top all the way down to Powersports Inc. in Sioux Falls, and seemed to be happy to be getting a chance at a more appreciative owner. Traveling across Wyoming, for gosh sakes, with a three-gallon gas tank. Whattayathinkin?! It'll be happier cruising the streets of Sioux Falls, lookin' good in red.
But green is my color now. The Connie (or Conk, to some) is dark, but in good light you can see that green glow. I pulled the bags for now, including the quick-release helmet trunk on the back, but they'll all come in handy on the open road. And that nice fairing will keep my legs dry and warm unless Katrina's sister finds her way into the wild west.


Dan said...

Gorgeous machine. Congratulations!

Deana said...

I haven't been drinking, drug taking (unless you count NyQuil), or chasing wild women, nor have I gone on a shopping spree to help me recover from Hawaii. Perhaps I'm due for some indugence this weekend?