Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Weather Made Me Do It!

Our fearless leader Dr. Knowlton made the call today and closed school at 11:00 for today and tomorrow with blizzard warnings closing in. In effect, spring break now starts in one hour!

You can hear the warning read to by an American or British man OR woman's voice you if you check out the very cool Oddcast Talking Avatar. Let her give you this stern warning: PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION IF YOU ARE CHOOSING TO HIT THE FREAKING ROAD! And then do what she says.


April said...

Luckily I woke up feeling quite ill and didn't have to be out on the roads (in a bus or otherwise). I made that lady say "April is freaking awesome" over and over, even using foreign accents. I'll be darned if I don't feel pretty awesome right now! Enjoy your extra-long break.

dana said...

Hey – I found this cool demo. Check it out!

Virtual Translator - Type anything you want and an animated character will translate it and speak in another language!

For more demos go here: