Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Chapter 235, In Which Our Hero Enjoys a Luau

Monday and Tuesday were busy days, with the high point (for me) being the Old Lahaina Luau Monday night. It's considered the most traditional here and the least tacky, and it lived up to its reputation, even though one Native Hawaiian at our table claimed the coconut halves you see here came from Polynesia. Some postcards of early Hawaiian luaus confirms the coconuts didn't appear a century ago; dancers seem to have done fine without them.
You might note that the flowers attached to the hips on these dancers are blurrier than the rest, and you'd be right. The hip action going on here defied what you might have learned in your anatomy class. If you could see all the photos you'd see similar dancing from the men, though theirs is more aggressive.
Now, that's not all we did, but that's all for the hero today.

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