Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Big Day in Fargo

On May 3, I threw my hat in the ring for the Twin Cities Marathon for what I think is the 14th time, so I'll be doing the 26.2 mile dance again in October, barring injury. When I entered the form required proof for getting in Wave 1 with the fast guys, where I've always managed to stay. But with age I'm slipping, with sore feet, extra baggage, and a persistent ache in my left calf, and I didn't finish last year within the 3:45 time requirement for automatic placement in Wave 1.
Okay, that's the setup. I hoped on Saturday to tune up for the Deadwood Mickelson Trail half-marathon by running the Fargo half. I needed a 1:45 in the half marathon, and although it seemed like a remote chance, my training has gone well, I tried to stay close on the cold and windy Fargo morning. The final miles told the tale, with the second half done under 8 minutes per, cooking along in the last two miles on the happy wave of knowing I had 1:45 in the bag. 1:43:16. Whoop!
The wife was in the Fargodome with friends, including one enthusiastic young runner who would earn her own medal that afternoon in the kids run.
We got a chance Saturday to poke around downtown a little and visit with my lovely daughter and her dashing beau. More good times. Days like that make a guy feel a little younger, put a little more spring in his step.

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April said...

I'm glad we got to see you Saturday afternoon, and that the race went so well for you! Maybe you'd like to come do a 10k with me this fall? Here's the website for one I think I'd like to do: http://www.finalstretch.com/races/ready_to_rock/ready_to_rock.htm. Let me know if you're in!