Sunday, May 27, 2007

Winning and Losing, One Day at a Time

Winners emerged from the pack today, people we'll remember, who wrote their names into the history books as champions, those who ventured beyond the pack to establish some quality they had that others in some measure, at least today, were lacking. Dario Franchitti outlasted the pack and the rain to win at Indy. Duke won the lacrosse championship after their disastrous year. Fernando Alonso won the Monaco Grand Prix today. Some baseball teams won; as many others lost. Plenty other games were played, while people in Iraq and Darfur struggle to win another day of life on earth. Here in South Dakota we cherished the trophy of a relatively windless day, sunny and seventy degrees, perfect for running, playing in the park, planting flowers, riding your motorcycle, hauling rocks, or cruising round and round in your first little go-kart, no brick yard, no pit crew, no track, just a piece of rhubarb pie for everyone.

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