Thursday, May 03, 2007

YouTube Rivals

YouTube might have cornered the market on videos depicting the disasters of skateboarders trying to grind down a stair railing or young women shaking their behinds, but others video websites such as Daily Motion have a wide variety of offerings (I'm sure YouTube does too, but they're not featured the same way). Another French site featuring music and video is The Takeaway Shows by Blogotheque. Check out an animated version of Hamlet on Daily Motion below! It's the product of Moonfleet, a Spanish outfit.


ljb said...

Thanks for the site! I have to admit I never really got Shakespeare but this Hamlet video was very accessible. Maybe it was the subtitles that did it for me. Regardless, for the first time I can say I enjoyed a play by the Bard.

Miles said...

About Takeaway Shows: I discovered them recently, myself. It appears that he does all his hosting with dailymotion. I think the Takeaway shows are a remarkable showcase of little known (to me) talent that is out there. Ironically, tonight, I'm filming my own Takeaway Show parody with some friends for

About YouTube rivals: I'm a big fan of It's not quite like YouTube in that it caters to video bloggers. I've found it to be really nice from that perspective: no file size limit or time limit, automatic posting to blogs, and (especially) access to the original file. Unfortunately, YouTube is an example of popular being far from superior.

Holli said... That's the parody of Take Away Shows we did last week.