Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Landfill of Plenty

Spring turns some people's thoughts to planting, cleaning, slimming down, and shedding the unnecessary. But culling your possessions takes recognizing what's worth keeping and what's not. Madison's spring cleanup gives the curious a chance to see what others are purging.


P. Block said...

You know, this reminds me of my past frequent trips to the dump, after cleaning a construction site or my own basement. It was always amazing to me the types of things one throws away. (We once found a perfectly good computer that we just had to bring home to salvage parts out of. I am still using the hard drive from that system). I have always more enjoyed going to the dump instead of just setting my trash out for the trash man. There is a certain joy one takes in breaking old windows, TV sets, and other assorted junk. Ahh, spring. What a wonderful time of the year.


JN said...

Let me enumerate, so far, the items that we have purged: 1. An old window. 2. A non-functioning dehumidifier.

Items picked up from our curb: 1. A non-functioning dehumidifier.

Items we binged on: 1. An antique dresser painted pink (with mirror). 2. An antique dresser painted beige. 3. An antique dresser painted red, green, and black. 4. An old rocking chair. 5. An exercise bicycle (barely used).

Items we gathered and gave away: 1. A wicker set (2 chairs, a loveseat, and a plant stand). 2. A potty chair. 3. A baby carrier.

Items we saw and let get away: endless.