Monday, May 07, 2007

Kayuda and Collaborative Workspaces

My friend DW moves at a pace unlike the rest of us. He's always got an eye out for cool new technology for improving student writing and helping them see their computers as tools rather than toys. And he's always finding them. Me, I'm thinking about the final I'm writing, or how I'm going to strip the paint off the scavenged dressers now waiting in the garage, or what's on tomorrow's workout agenda. Maybe I'm thinking about laying out my courses for next fall. But D? D's like a commander general unfurling the battle map, placing his units strategically, devising new uses for old equipment, ready to engage. Today his trumpets cry, "Kayuda!"

I checked it out, briefly. Kayuda looks very promising, allowing for online collaborative brainstorming and composing. What does it look like? Think Freemind mindmaps you can build in teams. Pretty cool, aye?

It made me think about the cool teaching I can do with a tool like this, and the potential for groups to engage in meaningful writing. Thanks, D!


David said...

Thanks JN! Glad to hear you like it. Drop me a line at dstorrs at kayuda dot com if you have any questions or if we can help with anything.

CEO of Team Kayuda

JN said...

Cool! David, you're my first CEO comment writer, and I was impressed with the Kayuda Klack blog you keep. It's got a lot of great advice for software developers and even writers. Good luck with the product. I look forward to using it in the fall.