Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And, a Trip to Sioux Falls

For all the griping I do about health care and the lack of it, and its cost, and the way a few people make a lot of money off of it, etc., etc., I was very pleased with my trip today to see the folks at Sanford about my gimpy knee. Yes, I had an appointment, and yes, I have health insurance, but no, I wasn't sure about how much it would cost or whether I needed a referral, blah blah blah. I hate going to the doctor. But the wife again pondered how a friend had seen someone there for free. So I searched the Sanford site for FREE, and it came up roses. Check out the news release on Free Athletic Assessments. I canceled my appointment, made another for the same time this afternoon, and saw a woman there that got me right with the world again. Thank you, Cathy! Thank you, Sanford!. Now I'm taking some over-the-counter stuff and doing some exercises with a full reading on what's amiss with my joint. I think I'll survive. Maybe prevail.
We also had some Chinese for lunch, bopped around the thrift places, checked out the Habitat for Humanity Re-store there, visited W-world, and enjoyed a nice supper.
Check out my three great movies, only pennies apiece, a view of some wind turbine blades sitting along side the highway, and this tattoo parlor in a converted church, offering "righteous tattoos for righteous people."

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