Monday, June 02, 2008

Sunset on the Primaries

The sun went down tonight as the candidates made their final pitches to South Dakota (and Montana), with the Clinton family gathering in Sioux Falls and addressing an overflow crowd at the armory. We arrived too late to get inside, but just barely, and they told us right away that the three would be coming out to greet the supporters. So we stood at the rail, the mother-in-law, the sister-in-law, and the wife and me. And an elderly woman we befriended in line. We had to listen to the addresses over a loudspeaker, but afterwards, Chelsea, Bill, and Hillary all came out and shook our hands. Chelsea even signed shirts and stood for a picture. Bill said the two sisters looked good in their shirts, and everyone, including the "repentant Republican" among us, enjoyed the rollicking, energetic, and friendly event. We brought home a few Hillary signs to put up in the yard. I'm going with the gal.


Holli said...

Voted this morning already, but we differ on who we will be supporting. My first time filling out a ballot. Shouldn't have been, but it is.

JN said...

Holli, I'll go with whatever Democrat that gets the nomination. I hope that's the direction you're tilting, too. Way to get out and vote!