Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What Happened to South Dakota?

After voting, I was busy through the evening and only recently found out what happened today in the race for the presidential primary I was following so closely until now. What happened in South Dakota? What happened in Montana? Look at the articles on the NY Times or even the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, and it's hard to tell. Yes, Obama won the nomination as we were pretty sure he would, but after all the attention the news media and the candidates gave to the primaries in these last two states, there's little mention of what happened here. The media seemed to be saying, until this morning, that South Dakota and Montana were playing the pivotal role in choosing the president. But it didn't happen that way. Read the lead article in the NY Times article tonight and you'll find the bare results of the South Dakota primary in the 9th paragraph, toward the end. Clinton won here. But in the end, the superdelegates worked hard to render the results of the primary here and in Montana meaningless, announcing that, after the polls closed, they would announce that they were backing Obama.
I hope he'll be a good candidate; he's got plenty of good Democrats, including Clinton, that he can tap to build an campaign that can take him to the White House. Let's hope he uses them. Go Obama!

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