Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Finally a Batch of Photos, Two-wheeler Types

You asked for it, you've got it--an entire batch of photos from my brother Jess and my trip to Elkheart Lake, Wisconsin, for the vintage motorcycle racing. Here's a little taste, with these three pictures of the man in black himself. The link includes some photos of the trip there, which was harrowing enough, coming as it did during a driving rainstorm that flooded some of our route, including Fond du Lac, which was closed to us. Coming back through, we saw people putting their ruined and soggy belongings on the streetside. In between, there are plenty of pictures of Jess and others racing and working on their machinery.
Anyway, check out the cool bikes, some vintage, some racing, some both, some neither. Cool stuff! I liked the simplicity of the silver Honda 350 racer in the pictures. Check out the pics in the album here:
Elkheart Lake Motorcycle Trip

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