Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Walter's Shadowy Doppelganger

Walter might seem sweet, gentle, and attentive, ready to snuggle or lie in the sun, but as this photo reveals, he's got an evil shadow, a stone-hearted double that looks over his shoulder, offering, I suspect, some evil coaching: "Jump on the couch! Go ahead! Who will know? And if they do, who cares?"


Christina said...

This is one of my favorite Walter pics! He looks so cuddly and in need of a warm lap to curl up on. (On the couch, of course.)
It also looks like he is being coerced by his twin in the background; "Listen up Terrier! You better smile for this picture or it's good bye to your favorite chew toy!"

JN said...

It's his evil twin, encouraging some kind of anti-social behavior, I'm sure!