Monday, October 20, 2008

Sick at Home and Feeling Responsible

Taking my cold to work today didn't seem like the best option, so I'm sticking close to home and monitoring things from afar.  But I was sidetracked by an ad by Liberty Mutual for their Responsibility Project, a site where the goal is to encourage and facilitate discussion of responsibility.  They've got a number of quality films to watch there, funny and touching and engaging.  Visitors can also read and share comments on what it means to be a responsible ______. (You choose the position).  Check it out.  I've embedded one of the films below.

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peter said...

A very interesting topic to ponder. Taking the responsible path in the conduct of our personal/professional lives has a good deal of self reward. One feels a greater sense of self image and worth when doing the 'right thing'.

It is also encouraging that a large corporation such as Liberty Mutual would spend some of their marketing dollars on topics that encourage this self exploration.

Thanks for bringing this topic to the fore....