Monday, October 06, 2008

Through Wind, and Rain, and Dint of Miles

Yesterday I stepped up once again at the Twin Cities Marathon and completed the 26.2 mile course for the 14th time, finishing with only 1702 people ahead of me. Before you scoff, note that they counted 7966 finishers. So there. The race was a far cry from last year's hot and humid meltdown, when people wilted halfway into the race and stumbled to the finish. This year the story was rain and breeze, which I've decided I'll take over the heat and humidity any day. A person can get only so wet, and skin's waterproof, right? So we splashed through puddles until about three hours in, when it started to clear a little. Finish time: 3:46:14. Chip time: 3:43:40. My last 10K wasn't what I wanted (a little over an hour), but my legs were burning by then and it just wasn't happening. At least I managed to steer clear of the pumpkin lady that plagued me last year, hogging up all the cheers and leaving little for the rest of us in her vicinity.

Anyway, see the shirt that says "finisher"? You don't get those for showing up.

I had a good cheering section once again this year as the wife, April, Chester, and Casey appeared at intervals to offer encouragement.


J said...

Bravo, John! You are simply amazing.

deana said...

You came in first out of all the John Nelson's who completed the marathon. In fact, you were showered and heading to lunch by the time the last John Nelson crossed the finish line. So way to go!!!

JN said...

Thanks! I'll just try to keep on being amazing and beating the crap out of the other John Nelsons on the planet.

I do appreciate your good wishes and support!

Anonymous said...

Good deal! Next year I may try my first marathon. Congratulations John. - TQ

JN said...

Todd, it's worth a try, no piece of cake, but not the mountain some people (like I once was) think it is. Thanks for the good wishes.