Saturday, October 18, 2008

Electoral Pie in Yuma-El Centro

Ten million dollars each in Philadelphia, six million in Denver, two or six million in Tampa.  Sure, you've got to report spending like that.  But check it out, on the New York Times website identifying spending on ads by the rivals for the presidency, there are some odd stats.  What is that little dot down at the edge of the California-Arizona border?  It's campaign spending on a small scale.  What do you get for 21 bucks when you're trying to win the White House?  Three pieces of pie and coffee?  Maybe Obama and Joe sit down with some swing voter that has folks in the Yuma-El Centro region in the palm of her hand.  Campaign picks up the tab, a little something for the waitress, and you tick off the receipts in your Excel spreadsheet.  See those red dots in McCain's California campaign?  All told they might tally up to over $5,000 that the GOP has spent luring the minds and hearts of California's citizenry.  Looks like the Dems spent even less there.  Just a little quirk that caught my eye.  

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Ann in Yuma said...

This is an incredibly cheap (and cheesy) media market. That $21 probably bought saturation ad coverage for a week!

BTW, Lou Dobbs got his start here.

Interestingly, though, it's a safe Dem house seat (Raul Grijalva is incumbent, the R is such a wingnut he's been denounced by the state/local GOP).

And (small border miracle), you can get daily home delivery of the New York Times.