Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Characters in a Pinon Tree

Our tan-clad hero cooks up some new kind of trouble every episode, and the wife and I are Breaking Bad fans, following the troubled twosome of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, unlikely allies in making meth for Albuquerque.  Sure, we came to the party late, but that doesn't make us any less enthusiastic.  

The wife reminded me that each episode is a reminder of what I tell my creative writing students about how they should put their characters up a tree (or any difficulty) and then keep pelting them with trouble until something happens.  Trouble seems to be at their elbows at every turn.  That's what keeps us coming back.  


CassieMarie said...

We love this show too. Have you guys watched The Wire at all? That show is amazing as well.

JN said...

We have not watched The Wire, and we're just getting rolling on BB. Second season.

We don't have cable so we're always way behind, but we kinda like it that way: nobody talks about the shows anyway!

Have you registered to win the walk-on role in the show? http://www.amctv.com/shows/breaking-bad

Anonymous said...

ABQ is my town now, so I have to watch this show. I just started watching it last month. I agree with CM about the Wire. - TQ

JN said...

We'll have to check it out, TQ. I think about you down there when we watch an episode. Watch out for the guy in the cream Aztek. He's turning out to be trouble.